The Florentine artisan tradition is famous all over the world and among the various techniques that have been handed down over the centuries to the present day there are also those of paper processing.

Stationery and artisan bookbinding Lo scrittoio was born in 1974 with Mrs. Anna who dealt with the books restoration and binding and it has now passed into the hands of her sons Andrea and Alessandro, who have kept this family tradition intact, enriching it with the production of bookbinding articles, desk accessories and other objects made with 100% natural Florentine leather and handmade paper.

The laboratory is located right inside the shop in the historic center of Florence and it is there that Andrea and Alessandro with their mother Anna create these special products using various ancient techniques including that of the marbled paper already used at the time of the Medici and which has become symbol of beauty and excellence all over the world.

Each of their creations Lo Scrittoio is made entirely by hand and can also be personalized with engravings of initials or phrases and / or special decorations according to your requests: this will allow you to buy for yourself or to give as a gift a unique, valuable and high qualityobject which embodies all the history and tradition of local craftsmanship.

Cristalleria Moleria La Grotta del Cristallo is a workshop in the center of Colle Val D’Elsa, a splendid medieval Tuscan village, which is involved in crystals grinding and engravings, ancient processing techniques that date back to the 14th century and which have made this village internationally famous. famoso a livello internazionale. In fact, 90% of crystal on a national scale is still produced here.

It specializes in the production of crystal table decorations, goblets for wine tastings and furnishing accessories, all expertly decorated and engraved by hand.

Its history has deep roots that have been handed down for two generations and is now managed by Luciano Bandinelli, whose passion for this profession was evident from young age.

His continuous search for creative design and unique and different shapes together with his craftsmanship skills are the essence of his creations; in addition, the use of crystal, a noble material for its excellent transparency and beauty, is the real added value of his products.

Each piece of La Grotta del Cristallo is a real work of art and the small differences between one piece and another are synonymous of pure craftsmanship which, combined with elegant and refined decorations, gives life to a special product typical of Made in Italy manufacturing.

Anna Ermini Arttisan has more than 30 years of experience.

She studied goldsmithing and silverware and she specialized as a designer. After working for many well-known companies, she acquired a great deal of experience that led her to create her own brand.

In her workshop, in a splendid location close to Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence, Anna creates splendid silver and gold jewels totally designed and handmadeby her, with the use of precious stones and other materials of the highest quality.

The peculiarity that characterizes her work is that thanks to her travels and researches she often manages to find very rare materials, sometimes historical and very ancient, of which there are few pieces in the world if not even only one and uses them to create unique and inimitable jewels

As Anna says, every craftsman has his own method and hers is to combine ancient metalworking techniques with a modern and contemporary design: the result is a truly special jewel.

Her creations Anna Ermini Jewels are really suitable for everyone and for all ages: simple and refined jewels but also eye-catching and elaborated according to the different personalities and the mood of the moment because as she says each jewel expresses the inner light of the person who is wearing it.

All her jewels are unique pieces and can also be customized in design and colors according to your tastes; it is also possible to have initials or words engraved on some pieces and have a 100% custom-made jewel made.

La Ginestra farm is located in the heart of the Florentine Chianti and is managed by a group of young boys and girls, born and raised in contact with nature, who have made their passion become a profession and who are committed to keeping intact local traditions . It is an organic farm since their goal is to obtain genuine, natural and high quality products, always respecting the environment.

They own about 2 hectares of olive groves for the production of organic extra virgin olive oil; a bee farmwith 700 hives that are treated with love and attention as insects necessary for the defense of the environment and biodiversity as well as for honey production and also 50 hectares of land forcows and pigs breeding and for the cultivation of fine grains and legumes. Thanks to the collaboration with other local companies they sell very high quality pasta, flours and salami made out of their products.

Last but not least they are involved in the production of completely natural wines, which contain the true flavors and smells of our land and which are an authentic expression of a peaceful and fruitful relationship between man and nature.

La Ginestra Farm is a healthy, young and 100% Tuscan farm.

L’arte del plasmare le materie prime e decorarle fa parte da secoli della tradizione artigiana Toscana, di cui la famiglia Rampini è una degna portavoce.

La famiglia è originaria di Gubbio in Umbria, centro di produzione di ceramiche già dal 15 secolo, e da più di 25 anni ha spostato la sua attività in Toscana, precisamente nelle meravigliose colline di Radda in Chianti.

Le ceramiche Rampini vengono completamente realizzate a mano e dipinte individualmente, fortemente influenzate nella tecnica e nelle decorazioni dall’arte e dall’artigianato Rinascimentale e anche dalla natura e dalla campagna Toscana che circonda il loro laboratorio. Nasce così un prodotto di altissima qualità che racchiude in se sia l’eredità lasciata dalla tradizione toscana ma anche la capacità della famiglia Rampini di sperimentare e di rinnovarsi in base ai gusti e alle esigenze moderne.

Tra le collezioni della famiglia Rampini potete trovare linee complete di ceramiche da tavola e da cucina oltre a pezzi puramente ornamentali ma avrete anche la possibilità di farvi realizzare ceramiche personalizzate nel colore e/o nel design, ottenendo così un prodotto unico ed inimitabile.