Cheese Knives - Handcrafted Knives

€220,00 – €231,00


Box containing 3 knives for cutting all cheeses
  • Type of Knives: Compatte, Semidure, Pastemolli
  • Collection: La Cerimonia dei Formaggi
  • Handle material: Polymethylmethacrylate – Lucite
  • Handle Color: Red, White, Cornotech
  • Blade type: Laser Cut
  • Handle type: Full Tang Handle
  • Handle Finish: Polished
  • Blade Finish: Polished
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel X50CrMoV15
  • Number of Pieces per Set: 3

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

Il Compatte: this type of knife is generally used for thick and large cheeses. By sticking the tip on the surface, exerting a little pressure and pushing the blade inside, it is possible to engrave the rind and split cheeses with a hard and compact consistency such as parmesan, aged pecorino romano, fiore sardo, Sicilian canestrato, mature castelmagno, gavoi etc
Il Semidure: this type of knife is generally used for cheeses such as fontina, raschera, fresh toma, emmenthal, young asiago and all cheeses with similar characteristics. It is a light and handy knife with a slightly arched blade in the center, suitable for penetrating those cheeses with a consistent rind and softer texture, without fragmenting or tearing them.
Il Pastemolli: this type of knife is generally used for cheeses with a soft and tender consistency such as gorgonzola, mozzarella, robiola, quartirolo cheese from Val Camonica, murianengo, panerone and all cheeses with similar characteristics. The knife blade must cut the dough without getting stuck to it and cutting it cleanly, avoiding crushing or undoing it. This knife is equipped, at the end of the blade, with a small fork to to serve the cut portions.

Made with full tang blade which is a single piece that crosses the entire length of the handle. The blade surface finish is polished.
Laser-cut blade with special steel  plate, with a high carbon grade, offers great cutting power. Every blade has been tempered at 1055 °C and sub-frozen at -80 °C.

Made with handmade colored plastic handles and cornotech handles.
Colored plastic handles are handmade with a sheet of cold-cast plexiglass (polymethyl methacrylate) that gives them high quality and time resistance.
Cornotech handles are made by hand from sticks of acetal resin which perfectly simulate ox horn colours.
Each handle is stabilised to permit washing in the dishwasher although hand washing and drying are always preferable to better preserve the quality and time resistance of these knives.

Hand washing and immediate drying are MANDATORY for knives made with wood, horn or other natural materials handles.

N.B. Possible consequences of washing in the dishwasher and tips to keep your knives at their best:

1 The dishwasher speeds up the aging of the objects washed in it
2 The more quality cutting steels are, the less stainless they are.
3 The blades may be stained with small reddish spots or large bluish halos if left to drain or dry in the dishwasher, if left dirty for a long time after use, if the washing water is rich in iron.
4 Do not wash with aggressive detergents or water at temperatures above 60 ° C


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