Cylindric Jug - Handpainted Ceramics


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Cylindric jug for drinks
  • Handcrafted and Handpainted Product
  • Collection: Ugo
  • Height: 18cm / 7,1”

Product Description:

This fresh and informal decoration fits perfectly with this jug that holds about 1 liter, useful for serving water, wine, lemonade. It can also be used as an original flower holder.

The uniqueness of this piece lies in the hand of the artist who decorates it and who creates something new and unrepeatable each time.

Collection Description:

Decorated with vibrant green leaves and little fruits of warm yellow color, with touches of orange, red and pink. The wide dark green border emphasizes the color and shapes of the fruits. A simple and at the same time elegant service plate set, to bring a touch of color to your tables.

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