"Dew" Earrings [Unique Piece] - Florentine Handmade Jewellery



 “Fresh and bright like a drop of dew that falls softly on the face…”
  • Special Unique Piece!
  • Ancient technique
  • Material: 18kt Gold / Tanzanite 7,3 Kt / Rutilated Quartz
  • Earrings Lenght: 5,3 cm (2,1”)
  • Earrings Width: 1,8 cm (0,7”)
  • Butterfly Clasps

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

They look like a drop of dew that falls softly on the face. These are very fresh and bright earrings but the snake detail at the top also adds a touch of sensuality and femininity.

The style is similar to ancient Roman jewels as the technique used is very old. Gold is beaten with a hammer on ancient irons that give the surface this particular rough effect, almost reminiscent of a moonstone.

Tanzanite is a very precious stone as there is only one mine in the world where it can be found and it’s in Tanzania, from which the name derives. Probably its reserves will be exhausted in a few decades so it has an enormous value. Tanzanite is a highly vital and energy-giving stone: it is said that by wearing it women are able to bring out their spiritual side and purify and regenerate themselves.

Rutilated quartz is a rare mineral consisting mainly of titanium dioxide. One of its most important physical feature is that it has a remarkably high refractive index, so it scatters much more light than any other mineral. It is easy to distinguish above all for its vertical streaks, which filter colored reflections when exposed to the sun almost as if it’s creating flashes of light.
Rutilated Quartz is considered an energizing stone and can be used to aid mental focus. Such is the strength of the mineral that it’s believed to help stabilize the balance of those who use it.