"Forget Me Not" Flower Ring - Florentine Handmade Jewellery



“The Forget Me Not flower symbolizes true love and an invitation not to forget…”
  • Goldbeating technique with diamond tip tools
  • Material: 18 Kt Gold / Cabochon Ruby 0,11 Kt
  • Ruby Size: 0,45 cm (0,18”)
  • Flower Diameter: 1,5 cm (0,6”)

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Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

The “Forget me not” flower symbolizes true love and in fact, as its name suggests, it is an invitation not to forget. It is said that the man who wore it would never be forgotten by his partner, while the woman who exhibited it wanted to highlight her loyalty.

This ring is made with a particular type of goldbeating technique where a tool with a diamond on the tip is used to hammer gold and shape it. This contact between diamond and gold creates a particular effect of brightness: since diamond is a very hard stone with thousands of facets, beating it by hand on gold it creates many different streaks that give the jewel a magical and shiny look.

The flower is embellished with a cabochon ruby, a noble stone that represents vitality, enthusiasm, joie de vivre and freedom. But it is also the symbol of love, passion and strength and it’s often worn by strong and determined women.

The combination of gold, ruby ​​and this precious workmanship has given birth to a very refined jewel, perfect for those who love a classic but at the same time original style.

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