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“Made with such an energetic stone such as garnet, this jewel is suitable for a strong and determined woman…”
  • Special Unique Piece!
  • Engraved Ring Band
  • Material: 18 Kt Gold / Hessonite Garnet Stone 4,35 kt
  • Gemstone Size: 1,5cm x 1,2 cm (0,6” x 0,47”)

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Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

Garnet is an ancient gem and its name derives from the Latin “granatus” that means grain, probably due to its round shape and its resemblance to pomegranate seeds.

Garnets are used to decorate jewelry in various ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and it is said that they had and still have many therapeutic properties and symbols. If brought into direct contact with the skin, it is used as a protection for the soul and body against physical dangers and negative influences. It brings light, hope and healing and helps develop optimism and determination in the wearer. Being such an energetic stone, this jewel is suitable for a strong and determined woman.
The band is engraved, using the old techniques of hammering processing in order to give it the appearance of an ancient jewel, almost as if it were a moonstone or a fossil, through the use of various tools that carve gold .

It is very reminiscent of the style of ancient Roman jewels but without ever abandoning contemporaneity and modernity. Despite its size it is very light and comfortable making it suitable for everyday wear.

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