Hot Pad Tile Trivet - Handpainted Ceramics


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Hot pad tile trivet with quail
  • Handcrafted and Handpainted Product
  • Collection: Animals
  • Size: 13 cm / 5,11”

Product Description:

This tile as well as being hand painted was also handmade so it was possible to make it much thicker than a normal tile, making it suitable to withstand high temperatures like a pan just removed from the fire.
It is decorated with a quail and a typical Tuscan landscape.

The uniqueness of this piece lies in the hand of the artist who decorates it and who creates something new and unrepeatable each time.

Collection Description:

Wild boar, porcupines, roosters, owls, squirrels, hares and foxes – just some of the animals which can be frequently found in the local Tuscan habitat. The realistic depictions of these animals are combined with a stylized pattern of blue parsley leaves on a bright yellow background.

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