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“A very precious jewel that was born from the imagination and talent of the craftswoman,which embodies a mix of antiquity and modernity…
  • Special Unique Piece!
  • Materials: 18 kt Gold / Silver 925 / Brilliants 0,15kt / Amethyst 5,5 kt
  • Chain Length: 40 cm (15,8″)

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

A very original necklace, a unique jewellery made with mother-of-pearl fan sticks from the late 1700s/early 1800s, a very high quality material obtained from the inner layer of some molluscs, restored and reused in a modern key.

The mother-of-pearl stick, covered in silver and embellished with gold details and a gold chain, is also enriched by wonderful brilliants set along its frontal part and a drop shaped amethyst pendant.

Amethyst is one of the most beautiful stones of the group of crystalline quartz and its particular color is due to the traces of iron. In crystallotherapy this gem represents the clarity of thought and whoever wears it or hold it can always be aware and balanced.

The silver back of the fan stick is completely hand engraved with elegant floral motifs, which makes this necklace even more valuable.

A very precious and one of a kind jewel that was born from the imagination and talent of the craftswoman and which embodies a mix of antiquity and modernity, perfect for a woman who does not want to be forgotten.

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