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“One of a kind jewel, perfect for a woman who does not want to be forgotten .”
  • Special Unique Piece!
  • Materials: 18 Kt Gold / Silver 925 / Garnit 6kt / Ruby 0,11 kt
  • Chain Length: 40 cm (15,8″)

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

A very original necklace made with mother-of-pearl fan sticks from the late 1700s/early 1800s, a very high quality material obtained from the inner layer of some molluscs, restored and reused in a modern key.

The mother-of-pearl stick, covered in silver and embellished with gold details and a gold chain, is also enriched by the wonderful precious stones set along its frontal part, which are rubies ​​and garnets.

Garnet is an ancient gem and its name derives from the Latin “granatus” that means grain, probably due to its round shape and its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. Garnets are used to decorate jewelry in various ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and it is said that they had and still have many therapeutic properties and symbols. If brought into direct contact with the skin, it is used as a protection for the soul and body against physical dangers and negative influences. It brings light, hope and healing and helps develop optimism and determination in the wearer. Being such an energetic stone, this jewel is suitable for a strong and determined woman.

Ruby is a noble stone that represents vitality, enthusiasm, joy of life and freedom. It is the symbol of love, passion and strength.

The silver back of the fan stick is completely hand engraved with floral and geometric motifs, which makes this necklace even more valuable.

A very precious and one of a kind jewel that was born from the imagination and talent of the craftswoman and which embodies a mix of antiquity and modernity, perfect for a woman who does not want to be forgotten.

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