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Food and wine tour in Florence


3-4 hours

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Daily Tour

Group Size

10 people


Chinese, English, Italian

Discover the historic center of Florence and eat like a local


This food and wine tour will focus on discovering what are Tuscany’s traditional food and drinks by digging into the hidden corners of the city and tasting many typical products selected in delicious wine bars, city markets and authentic trattoria.

I will guide you through the historic center of Florence to let you discover its history and highlights while you sip a glass of wine and enjoy some local street food, like the florentine schiacciata and if you are “brave” enough, I also have some challenges in mind for you to overcome. But I don’t want to reveal too much too soon, so you just have to plan this food and wine tour in Florence with me to know more about it!!



  • Stroll around the historic center of Florence while you sip a glass of wine and taste Florentine Schiacciata.
  • Tour to the city market.
  • Visit the main squares of Florence.
  • Discover interesting anecdotes and popular legends about typical drinks and foods of the city.


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Food Market Tour

Food Market Tour

Our food and wine tour will start from the city market, still very popular among locals, where you can see how we Italians do our grocery shopping. We don’t only see food as a necessary element for our survival, but also as a true experience to share with the ones we love, which starts from the moment we buy the product until the time we cook and enjoy our meal. Moreover, contact with traders is essential to be able to be advised on which are the best products and also learn some new recipes: seasonality, freshness and territory are the key words of our cuisine. In this experience at the City Market, you can truly immerse yourself in local culinary traditions and understand the cultural value that food has in our life as well as taste delicious typical products.
Discovering Florence and its street food

Discovering Florence and its street food

After the city market tour, we will continue our itinerary by visiting the main squares of the city. I will guide you through Florence’s most famous historical sites to show you its artistic and architectonical beauties, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza della Signoria, the Basilica of Santa Croce and Ponte Vecchio. I will also accompany you through the beaten paths looking for traditional food and wine shops. I will tell you interesting anecdotes and popular legends about local typical drinks and foods for you to get to know another side of Florence that is equally noteworthy, which is the "Florence to taste" side. This tour travels through my favorite shops, trattorias and bars, where we will stop to taste local biscuits, stuffed flatbread, Chianti wine and much more, but above all, through the best places of Florentine street food.


When do Florence food markets open?
The two main food markets in Florence are Sant’Ambrogio Market and San Lorenzo Market. Both food markets are open Monday to Saturday from 07.00 to 14.00. Closed on Sunday
Can I book this tour both for lunch time and dinner time?
Sure. If you wish to book this tour in the afternoon, we will replace the visit to the food market with a food and wine tasting in a traditional Tuscan aperitif on a panoramic terrace or in a typical trattoria.
Can I book the tour if I am vegetarian, vegan or have food allergies?
Sure. If you are vegetarian, if you have allergies or for any other food preferences, do not hesitate to inform me. Remember that all my tours and experiences are 100% customizable according to your needs and tastes and Florence offers many tasty dishes for all tastes.
Why choose to visit Florence with me?
I am very passionate about my job and I like sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with my guests. Being myself a traveler and having lived abroad for a while, I easily understand foreign languages and cultures and show greater empathy with those who visit Florence with me, managing to identify myself more in their shoes. For this reason my tours are never prepackaged and are always adaptable and customizable according to your requests and needs.
I like to create travel experiences for us to live together.
What are Florence typical dishes?
Tuscan cuisine is one of the most delicious in Italy and there are many typical dishes:
Here is a list of the most popular:
• Florentine steak
• Ribollita soup
• Lampredotto
• Focaccia
• Crushed
• Tomato soup
• Pappardelle with wild boar ragù
• Cantuccini and Vin Santo
Why choose to visit Florence with a local tour guide?
Booking a guided tour with a local tour guide allows you to plan your visit in the best possible way, recommended and lead by an expert who knows the city very well and is more familiar with managing times and itineraries (museum reservations, skip-the-line tickets, alternative routes, tour customization, etc…).
It is also a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture, discovering not only historical and artistic information but also curious anecdotes and legends.
Is this tour customizable?
All my tours are customizable according to your requests and needs. Let me know what you like or what you are looking for and I will create a tailor-made tour for you.
Is this tour private?
All my tours are private; this means that any tour you decide to book will be exclusively for you, your partner or your family and there will be no additional participants other than those chosen by you. This guarantees you total flexibility and independence.