The recipe and the story of one of my favorite foods: the florentine schiacciata 


Hello Dear Explorers, how are you?

Today I have decided to reintroduce my Tuscan food and wine column and share with you the recipe and the story of one of my favorite food and perhaps that of 90% of the world population: the Florentine Schiacciata, the queen of Florence street food!

Here is a short video where I show you the recipe and tell you nice anecdotes about it.



A simple and quick recipe, perfect to accompany the typical cheeses and cold cuts of Tuscany for a terrific meal.

During a tour in the historic center of Florence and also in other Tuscan cities you will notice many small shops, some of which with a queue of people at the door, who prepare these delicious stuffed flatbreads to grab quickly and enjoy while walking.


schiacciata ripiena


I call this Schiacciata the queen of Florence street food and it’s always present in my food and wine tours because in addition to being delicious it’s also very important to understand Tuscan culinary traditions, being an ancient recipe of peasant origin, handed down from generation to generation until today.

It can also be perfect as an afternoon snack after a long day of walking among the museums and main attractions of Florence, perhaps even accompanied by a glass of Chianti classic wine that as we say here in Florence: “E’ la morte sua”, which can be translated with “this combo is to die for”.



Have you ever tasted it?

Let me know what you think and if you like share with me the photos of your homemade florentine schiacciata.