Discovering Monnaluna, a Florentine brand of high jewelery born from the talent of Giovanna Flavia Bruno


Good morning Everyone!!

Today I have decided to talk to you about fashion. Yes … sometimes I have to put aside my love for food and dedicate myself to this other passion of mine, which I love almost as much as I love eating.

We all know that fashion for today society is essential and most people are constantly looking for the perfect style that could better show their personality and their mood in order to feel confident with the others and with their selves .

Since a few years ago I attended a course to study the profession of Personal Shopper, I have started my research in Florence of all those artisan little shops, in addition to the already worldwide famous Italian brands, that could represent 100 % the uniqueness, luxury, quality and style that characterize what we call made in Italy.

You can be trendy without conforming to the masses and the brand I’m going to talk about today represents the perfect example of this message.

It’s called Monnaluna and was born in Florence in 2009 thanks to talent and passion of Giovanna Flavia Bruno, designer and inventor of this jewelry brand that also offers leather products such as bags, shoes and belts, 100% made in Florence.

Monnaluna creates hand welded jewelry created by expert Florentine artisans: earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets and other items, all of them characterized by bright colors and an elegant and feminine style, which are the main qualities that a woman wants to find in her jewelry.


monnaluna firenze


Believe it or not, human beings have always tried to make their appearance look special, embellishing their style with precious and rare objects that could draw attention to their personality, their social status and especially their uniqueness. No wonder that in ancient time, men first thought about the jewelry and about the clothes to wear.


monnaluna firenze

Its shoes and bags are created by Italian artisans, embellished with precious crystals and original jewels, typical qualities of this brand.


monnaluna firenze

Since Middle Age, bags have always been undisputed protagonists in all ladies’ outfits, and sometimes even in men’s. In fact, back to that time, noblewomen used to embellish their clothes carrying with them embroidered little sacks, decorated with precious jewels to underline their beauty and their social status.

Nowadays, no woman would dare going out without a bag, both for usefulness and for beauty. If the bag is totally handmade, produced with artisan techniques and high quality leather, that is when it becomes an essential and enviable accessory.


artigianato a firenze

Florence is famous all over the world for having the best leather artisans and you will be surprised by the beauty, the excellence and the variety of their products.

What I love the most about Monnaluna is that it gives you the possibility to personalize your jewel and to choose the combination of colors that you mostly prefer also on your bags, shoes and belts because, as you know, colors are an expression of our personality.

You can even assist to the final process of the creation of the jewel so that you can understand all the work, dedication and attention to details behind even the tiniest item.


monnaluna firenze


Last but not least the idea of Monnaluna to link the brand to the history of Florence, known all over the world not only as a symbol of fashion and elegance, but also as the Renaissance cradle.

That’s why they dedicate an entire collection to Botticelli’s art, creating a product that holds in itself an artistic heart and a unique and enviable style.

Luxury and craftsmanship nowadays go hand in hand and there is nothing better than finding an high quality item or accessory that at the same time has unique details and above that it is completely customizable.


artigianato fiorentino