8 April 2022 19:51

Easter is approaching and in this article you will find interesting ideas and tips on how to organize your Easter holidays in Florence. Guided artistic tours, food and wine tours, naturalistic itineraries but also exhibitions and typical Florentine customs.

18 December 2021 12:32

Let’s discover together the magical world of Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy, the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Perfumes, creams, oils, liqueurs and many other products still made following the ancient techniques of the Dominican friars in a unique and suggestive location.

29 October 2021 12:46

Did you know that Halloween was first born in Europe and then exported to the United States? That the custom of carving pumpkins actually has Florentine origins? And that Florence is still haunted by ghosts? Discover here curious anecdotes and scary Florentine legends related to Halloween in Florence or participate in a fun guided tour of unusual Florence.

28 April 2021 9:54

Did you know that in Florence there are hidden tiny doors that have more than 400 years of history and that some of these have recently been reused to avoid contagion from Covid? They are called Wine Windows, small openings present on many noble palaces, once used for selling wine flasks and today reopened by some business owners. Come and discover them with me!

25 March 2021 12:20

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino is one of the historical customs deeply felt by the citizens   On 24 June here in Florence is an important day because it’s Saint Joan the Baptist day, patron saint of our city. Starting from Middle Ages, celebrations were organized in his honor and his image was even engraved on […]