Acacia Honey - Organic Honey



 Neutral and Delicate Flavour
  • Acacia Honey
  • Cold extracted
  • Obtained from organic and nomadic apiculture
  • Honey Jar: 500 gr

Product Description:

Honey obtained from a totally organic and nomadic apiculture, without the use of any antibiotics, that respects the rhythms of bees and our territory. The blooms are therefore from all over Tuscany, from the Apennines above Pistoia to the open fields of the Crete Senesi.

Honey is cold extracted, thus keeping intact all its properties and beneficial enzymes.

Acacia honey is the one with the clearest color among the most common honeys and has a light and almost transparent appearance. It’s not very aromatic and has a neutral and delicate flavor, which is why it is suitable for sweetening those products whose taste doesn’t have to be altered.
It is often eaten with cheeses, spread on toast and can also be a valid substitute for refined white sugar.
A couple of teaspoons dissolved in warm water or milk help relieve a sore throat and stabilize the liver.

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