Brunello Wine Glass 3 Grapes - Hand Engraved Crystals



“A perfect wine needs a perfect glass”
  • Height: 235 mm (9,25”)
  • Diameter of the rim: 75 mm (2,95”)

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

Crystal goblet with  three hand-engraved bunches of grapes  made following the grinding technique, in use for many years, which allows to “dig” into the glass to create different types of decoration or even to smooth its surfaces.

The bunches of grapes are a clear reference to the true origins of wine and they are enclosed in a particular weave that looks like waves intertwined with each other and that represents the connection between the wine itself and its territory.

The glass is tall and wide but with a narrow opening to allow the wine to concentrate its organoleptic characteristics as much as possible, that is the aroma, taste and color, enhancing their perception to the nose and in fact it is suitable for mature red wines with a certain body.

The result is a very refined glass that embodies a perfect balance between beauty and functionality to make you experience a unique tasting.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg