Tulip Wine Glass - Hand Engraved Crystals



“A perfect wine needs a perfect glass”
  • Height: 260 mm (10,24”)
  • Diameter of the rim: 120 mm (4,72”) 

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

This glass, thanks to its shape and elegance, is perfect to enhances the most important, strong and structured wines such as Chianti and Barolo.

Aged Red wines that have a certain value need to breathe and have a good oxygenation and for this reason the tulip-shaped glasses are the most suitable, thanks to their generous size and the tendency to open at the top which allows a perfect diffusion of perfumes.

The 4 grapes represent the 4 most important geographical areas of wine production in Tuscany region.

A very balanced and refined glass embellished by soft grindings.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg