White Wine Glass - Hand Engraved Crystals



“A perfect wine needs a perfect glass”
  • Height: 220 mm (8,66”)
  • Diameter of the rim: 55 mm (2,17”) 

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

The bowl of this glass is enriched by a completely hand-made grinding that represents four bunches of grapes, a clear reference to the origins of wine.

It is a lightly bellied glass with a wide and straight opening that allows the wine to be directed to the back and side of the tongue to better perceive the flavors and aromas of more structured white wines. The long stem also facilitates a grip as far as possible from the glass, avoiding to heat the contents.

A very elegant glass, refined and studied in all its details to combine beauty and functionality and to be used on any occasion.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg