Rhombus Necklace with Black Pearls [Unique Piece] - Florentine Handmade Jewellery



“Made with geometrical shapes that are all different from each other so that every part of it is unique and unrepeatable..”
  • Special Unique Piece!
  • Material: 18 kt Gold / Black Sea Pearls
  • Chain Length: 69 cm (27,17”)

Manufacturing Characteristics and Product Description:

A very modern and original handmade necklace. The craftsmanship has given life to these geometrical shapes that are all different from each other and this is what makes this jewel so special: every part of it is unique and unrepeatable.

It is enriched with black sea pearls that contrast with gold creating interesting light effects. It gives you a distinctive touch also worn on a simple outfit to make you always feel extraordinary.

The type of mollusk that produces them and the water in which it resides are influencing the color of the pearls, and each color has its own meaning. The very rare black pearl indicates autonomy, strength and independence and being particularly expensive, precious and mysterious, it is generally set in jewels of a certain value, which are usually worn on really important occasions.

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