Tray - Handpainted Ceramics



Elegant tray for snacks
  • Handcrafted and Handpainted Product
  • Collection: Raffaellesco
  • Size: 22x30cm / 8,66” x 11,8”

Product Description:

A very refined tray that can be used both for decorative purposes and for serving sweets or savory snacks in small portions for an aperitivo or as starters.

The uniqueness of this piece lies in the hand of the artist who decorates it and who creates something new and unrepeatable each time.

Collection Description:

This decoration originates from Renaissance motifs such as foliage and fantastic animals that frame the central image: the Florentine lily, still a symbol of the city today.
The stylized dragons reproduced on these plates were originally made by the great Raphael, Renaissance painter of 1500, and symbolize luck and benevolence.

A rich and very detailed decoration but at the same time it’s also very refined and original.

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Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg