The Florentine artisan tradition is famous all over the world and among the various techniques that have been handed down over the centuries to the present day there are also those of paper processing.

Stationery and artisan bookbinding Lo scrittoio was born in 1974 with Mrs. Anna who dealt with the books restoration and binding and it has now passed into the hands of her sons Andrea and Alessandro, who have kept this family tradition intact, enriching it with the production of bookbinding articles, desk accessories and other objects made with 100% natural Florentine leather and handmade paper.

The laboratory is located right inside the shop in the historic center of Florence and it is there that Andrea and Alessandro with their mother Anna create these special products using various ancient techniques including that of the marbled paper already used at the time of the Medici and which has become symbol of beauty and excellence all over the world.

Each of their creations Lo Scrittoio is made entirely by hand and can also be personalized with engravings of initials or phrases and / or special decorations according to your requests: this will allow you to buy for yourself or to give as a gift a unique, valuable and high qualityobject which embodies all the history and tradition of local craftsmanship.