Cristalleria Moleria La Grotta del Cristallo is a workshop in the center of Colle Val D’Elsa, a splendid medieval Tuscan village, which is involved in crystals grinding and engravings, ancient processing techniques that date back to the 14th century and which have made this village internationally famous. famoso a livello internazionale. In fact, 90% of crystal on a national scale is still produced here.

It specializes in the production of crystal table decorations, goblets for wine tastings and furnishing accessories, all expertly decorated and engraved by hand.

Its history has deep roots that have been handed down for two generations and is now managed by Luciano Bandinelli, whose passion for this profession was evident from young age.

His continuous search for creative design and unique and different shapes together with his craftsmanship skills are the essence of his creations; in addition, the use of crystal, a noble material for its excellent transparency and beauty, is the real added value of his products.

Each piece of La Grotta del Cristallo is a real work of art and the small differences between one piece and another are synonymous of pure craftsmanship which, combined with elegant and refined decorations, gives life to a special product typical of Made in Italy manufacturing.