Chestnut Honey - Organic Honey



Strong and Decisive Flavor 
  • Chestnut Honey
  • Cold extracted
  • Obtained from organic and nomadic apiculture
  • Honey Jar: 500 gr

Product Description:

Honey obtained from a totally organic and nomadic apiculture, without the use of any antibiotics, that respects the rhythms of bees and our territory. The blooms are therefore from all over Tuscany, from the Apennines above Pistoia to the open fields of the Crete Senesi.

Honey is cold extracted, thus keeping intact all its properties and beneficial enzymes.

This honey, dark in color and with a strong and decisive flavor, has the rich aroma of chestnut flowers that leave a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a honey rich in iron and has many beneficial effects on the intestine and if drunk with a hot drink it can also be used as a remedy for coughs and sore throats.

It can be used in the kitchen combined with cheeses with a particularly strong flavor.


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