Penne Cappelli - Italian Pasta



Pasta 100% Italian Wheat
  • Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat
  • Ground and dried at low temperatures
  • 500 gr

Product Description:

This type of pasta is made using Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, an ancient stone-ground grain of the Italian tradition grown, ground and dried at a low temperature by La Ginestra farm.

In these past few years it has becoming very popular thanks to the fact that it’s 100% Italian and organic and it has never undergone alterations or manipulations over centuries, for this reason it has a high digestibility and precious nutritional contents, perfect characteristics for making top quality pasta and bread.

Penne Rigate are the most popular type of pasta in Italian kitchens, thanks to their shape with the typical oblique cut that recalls the nib of fountain pens, which allows  to better keep, both in and out, any condiment.

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