Discovering Extra Virgo by Alex Postiglione, a super chic lifestyle brand with the use of cannabis and 100% organic olive oil


Today I have decided to tell you about a special shop that recently opened in Florence but that offers amazing products that I really want to include in my Shopping Tours.

It is called Extra Virgo and was born from the idea of ​​Alex Postiglione.

With a background in the world of Fashion and Design but also in the agriculture, thanks to the activities always carried out on his family farm in the tuscan countryside, Alex has created a sort of Lifestyle brand that embraces all his different passions. The result is a truly unique product: super chic but at the same time simple and pure, based on cannabis and 100% organic olive oil.


extra virgo firenze

The message of this brand is to find again contact with nature and to adopt a calmer lifestyle but always keeping a rock and roll touch. The photos taken by Alex also perfectly express this idea of ​​a somewhat rebellious nature and I must say that this message came through me loud and clear and I loved it.


extra virgo firenze


Snooping through the products in this shop, I found some really interesting stuff: grinders for chopping cannabis or spices, bandanas, super chic filters and papers with particular patterns and real leather clutch bags made here in Tuscany.

I was very impressed by the bottles of CBD oil which is cold extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted in olive oil and used as a spray. It has many functions: for food use, as a relaxing and antidepressant and it is also excellent for improving circulation. Do you know that models use it as a foot massage oil to relieve the pain caused by shoes with high heels?

There is also another type of oil, always organic, which is mainly used for cosmetics, for massages and for removing make-up. Being a reserve oil (it aged longer than other oils) it does not have the pungent smell of the oil when it’s just made (we call it Olio nuovo- new oil) and therefore it is very pleasant to use it on the skin.


extra virgo firenze


But in my personal opinion, the product that I loved the most was the perfume. It is made from 100% pure essences such as rose, rosemary, incense and cannabis, it has a very particular smell and being oil based it lasts longer and is less aggressive on the skin.


profumi di firenze


But that’s not all. There are creams, soaps and nutritional supplements. As I said at the beginning, extra virgo is truly a lifestyle brand and the ultimate goal is your physical and psychological well-being, which is why it offers so many different products but they all share one fundamental thing: nature.

And I must say that just being in the shop I already felt more relaxed; maybe it was just suggestion, I don’t know …. but the scent in the air gave me serenity. This is the Palo Santo, a wood from Central America, which according to the legend is burned to push away evil spirits.


extra virgo essenze



They will soon organize workshops to test some of these products led by a girl specialized in holistic cooking and this makes the shopping tour at Extra Virgo a real mystical experience.

I was about to leave when I noticed that there is a sensory room where you can play with lights and at each scent is associated a different light. This is helping increase your positivity and good mood.


artigianato fiorentino