Celebrate love in an original and unique way: by creating a personalized couple perfume in Sileno Cheloni’s workshop in Florence


Hello my dear explorer friends,

Today my nose smelled something really interesting and I was looking forward to finding some time to tell you about it.


profumi di firenze


Do you remember when I told you that Sileno Cheloni, master perfumer here in Florence, organizes workshops in his beautiful atelier in the San Niccolò district to help you create your tailormade perfume?

Well …. why not do it on Valentine’s Day?

The day of love is approaching and for the most romantic there is the possibility of celebrating it in an original and unique way: creating a bespoke couple perfume.


profumo personalizzato di coppia


Together with your partner you will sit in front of the Profumoir, a wonderful corner that contains 198 essences, all selected by the master perfumer, some of which are very rare.

Guided by an expert perfumer and also by your instinct and your sensations, you will be able to choose the ones you like better and that will create your personalized perfume.

At the end of the experience you will receive a 100 ml bottle with your engraved initials which contains all the essence of your love and your personality.


profumo personalizzato di coppia


Thinking about wearing a perfume made just for and by me and that represents my self completely makes me feel truly unique and I think it is a really interesting proposal to be included in my shopping tour in Florence.

What do you think?

I hope to hear your ideas about it and that you liked this article and above all I hope that the boys who are reading it may have taken inspiration to offer this original experience to their women as a gift.

You will see that you will not regret it and you will be well rewarded!