Hello explorer friends,

in this difficult moment for Italy and for the world because of Coronavirus we have been forced to stop and think about our life, our work and future projects that now seem so far and unreachable.

I feel a little lost myself every now and then because I know that before I can get my job as a tour guide back, it will still take some time and this scares me.

But few days ago I looked out the window of my house, in the Florentine Chianti area, and I saw this beautiful sunset that gave me relief and hope and made me understand that this moment for us must be used to plan and prepare ourselves for all that beautiful things that, with a little patience and sacrifice, will soon happen to us.


guida turistica di firenze martina guadagno


I will continue to share with you, through this blog, the things I love about Florence and Tuscany and to inform you about the many cultural itineraries, artisans and food and wine tours that we can do together when all of this is over.

We stay at home together, but at a distance, and we will overcome it!


tramonto in toscana