Let’s taste traditional Tuscan biscuits at the Cantuccio Museum


Good morning dear explorers,

Today I’m going to talk about biscotti and a special place where you can taste them!! Is there anyone who doesn’t like cookies?


cantucci firenze


As you can see I love them!

You may already know that traditional Tuscan biscuits are Biscotti di Prato, or more commonly called Cantucci. They are dry almond biscuits that we generally dip in vin santo, dessert wine, and enjoy after meals.

In the 19th century Antonio Mattei, a pastry chef from Prato, developed a recipe which later made his biscuit factory famous all over the world. The business passed to the Pandolfini family in the early twentieth century and it’s currently led by its third generation.


cantucci Antonio Mattei


But no more small talks … what I wanted to tell you is that few years ago in Florence opened the Museo del Cantuccio. It is a small space where you will get to know some more anecdotes about the history of these delicious biscuits but above all where you can have a Cantucci tasting.


museo cantucci firenze


The classic biscuits are made with almond but now there are lots of different types that are all delicious, for example the ones made with chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut and so on and you can select the formula that most intrigues you, accompanying them with coffee or vin santo.

During my guided tours in Florence or my food and wine tours, I love to make a small stop in this museum to make my guests rest for a little while and sweeten them a bit with these delicacies, which obviously I can’t wait to eat too.