Discovering the village of San Casciano in Val di Pesa


Hello dear explorers,

The sky is a bit gray, so I have decided to make my look more colorful for my day of exploration with red lipstick and a nice necklace, I start driving my bright red car and leave. Direction: San Casciano in Val di Pesa.



San Casciano is a small village in the Chianti Classico area famous for the production of extra virgin olive oil and wine and I chose it precisely because it is here that there is a beautiful Renaissance villa that deals with this business and that I have decided to include as a stop in my food and wine tours.

It is villa Le corti, the historical estate of Corsini Princes, a Tuscan family of bankers and merchants whose first traces date back to the 12th century, which today has decided to invest in nature and in this land.

Here it’s possible to organize guided tours of the seventeenth-century residence, the historical cellar, the oil mill and the Orciaia and all visits end with wine, oil and local food tastings.

The manager, the very kind Alessandra, guides me through the cellars of the estate, shows me the barriques where the wine is stored for the aging process and tells me the whole story behind their work.

She takes me to the Orciaia, which is the largest in Chianti and where dop and organic certified extra virgin olive oil is produced. Have you ever tasted the so-called “new oil”? It has an almost phosphorescent color and a strong, full-bodied and spicy taste. Delicious!


villa le corti san casciano

Anyway, going back to us, otherwise I’ll start feeling hungry, Alessandra also shows me some rooms of the magnificent villa of Corsini princes. The rooms on the first floor and the vast park that surrounds the villa can be used to organize weddings, special dinners and also as cinematrographic sets. Would you like to organize a special event in such a wonderful location?

san casciano in val di pesa


But that’s not all. There still is the last part of the visit, which is also my favorite: the historical kitchens. They date back to the early 17th century and cooking classes are held here. In addition to wine, oil and local food tastings, in my food and wine tours I also often offer this experience to allow the visitor to discover new recipes. At Villa Le Corti you can use the products cultivated in their garden and then taste what you cooked, helped by a professional chef.


cucina storica villa le corti


Can you imagine having a sink of this size in your home? I would have solved all my problems!!

The Corsini estate offers many unique experiences and allows you to organize anything you want by making available all its spaces and products of high quality.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know that the Prince likes to show up and introduce himself to guests from time to time. I’d ask him a thousand questions about his family history, and you?