Discovering one of the most famous and particular master perfumers in Florence: Sileno Cheloni


Do you ever associate a perfume with a specific moment of your life or with a particular emotion? It happens to me very often and it is a very special feeling that I can hardly explain.

There is a very intriguing character here in Florence who based his activity on the study of these sensations. I’m talking about Sileno Cheloni, master perfumer who has opened a very particular atelier in the heart of San Niccolò, neighborhood of artists and craftsmen and one of my favorite areas to organize my shopping tours.

This Morning I decided to go there in person to have a look and discover his story better.


maestri profumieri di firenze


Sileno defines himself as a perfumer-explorer, his perfumes are an alchemical blend of rare essences and fragrances that embraces East and West.

His latest creation is Sangue Blu, a fragrance that evokes alchemical blue, the transition between black and white, where black represents pain and white illumination and joy.


sileno cheloni maestro profumiere firenze

He used a very particular ingredient, Ambergris which not only has aphrodisiac properties, but it’s also a material that more than others can bind to man’s skin and since each person has different skin, we will all feel this perfume in a different way.

This means that each one of us, even if we all use this same product, will have a unique and inimitable smell. I must say that this perfume and its history intrigued me so much that I tried it on my skin, and I loved it!

What makes Sileno special is that beside selling products, which the world is now saturated with, he offers experiences that will never go out of style.
In fact in his private atelier you can create a personalized perfume, a suggestive sensorial experience at the end of which you will bring with you a unique perfume, created by you and exclusively for you, in accordance with your sensitivity and personality, with the help of the master himself or his assistances.


creare un profumo personalizzato

It will be a sort of introspective journey to awaken inner emotions, perhaps even a little hidden, which will then all be enclosed in YOUR perfume, YOUR life cocktail.

In the next posts I will tell you about the Incense Ceremony, the Sensory Dinner and the Olfactory Tasting, other unique experiences proposed by the master Sileno Cheloni.

Don’t miss them!

sileno cheloni firenze