Discovering Florentine craftsmanship in a goldsmith’s shop where you can create a bespoke jewel!


Good Morning Explorers,

today I want to share my recent discovery with you.

It will soon be the birthday of a dear friend of mine and I wanted to give her as a present something unique and super original. We now have lots of material things and sometimes we don’t even know which ones and where they are, so I thought: what if I give her an experience she will never forget?

Being a lover of Florentine fashion, art and craftsmanship, I came up with a brilliant idea (yes … when I deserve it I congratulate myself: P): the creation of a bespoke jewel.


gioiello su misura


In the area of Borgo San Jacopo, very close to Ponte Vecchio and the goldsmith shops, there is a small laboratory where you can buy handmade gold and silver jewelry decorated with precious stones.

But the most special thing is that here, buying a jewel becomes a real experience because you can attend all stages of product processing, from the casting of the material to the modeling and engraving and you can contribute to making the jewel of your dreams, at a very honest price.


creare il gioiello su misura firenze artigianato fiorentino

The owner, Anna is a very kind and creative woman: her jewels are very particular and do not follow the style of classic models that we can nowadays find everywhere.


artigiani orafi firenze

Think that she used ancient fans from the 1800s decorated with mother of pearl and diamonds to create very chic and original necklaces.

gioiello su misura

Imagine giving a jewel to your partner totally customizable and that you yourself, with the help of a professional goldsmith, have created? If any of you can advise my partner to do it, I would not complain !!

What do you think about this experience? I am looking forward to offering this activity in my shopping tours and I hope you will enjoy it.