Find out what are the various steps to produce a quality and super tasty Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


Hello Dear Explorers,

It’s already November!! We are in the middle of autumn and this is a special month for me and for all Italian food lovers because it’s the moment in which we dedicate ourselves to the production of one of the things I love the most and that makes Italy famous all over the world.

Do you know what it is?


In my food and wine tours around Tuscany I often organize a visit to the olive groves and the oil mill to show in person all the various processes of oil production and above all I always include a tasting of various extra virgin oils, to make you live a real Italian gastronomic experience!

This year, due to the pandemic, we cannot meet in person yet, but I have decided to virtually guide you on this gastronomic journey through small videos. In this first video you will come with me among the olive groves of the Tuscan countryside, right near where I live, to see the early stages of the work and in the next videos we will visit the mill together and find out how to obtain oil from freshly harvested olives!



Tuscany is among the six most oil producing Italian regions and its product is one of the most appreciated all over the world and I perfectly agree on that because of all the Italian oils I have tasted, the Tuscan one is definitely my favorite.

In addition to being delicious, did you know that it is also very good for your health? It has several beneficial properties, it’s an anti-inflammatory and it’s also very useful for hair and skin care.

This year I decided to get my hands dirty and not just go to buy the oil but also to participate in the various steps necessary for its production, from the olive harvest in the fields to their cleaning and pressing at the mill.

There is a lot of hard work, passion and dedication behind a product as simple and at the same time as complex as extra virgin olive oil and it is important to know that to obtain a high quality, healthy and tasty product, olive trees must be protected and cured, the olives must be harvested by hand before fully ripening in order not to be damaged and above all they must be pressed as quickly as possible to keep all their properties intact.



Did I make you want a nice bruschetta with Tuscan olive oil?

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This is for sure the best time of the year to taste Tuscan extra virgin olive oil because it is freshly made and when “new”, “nuovo” as we call it, it really tastes amazing.

Have you ever tasted it?