In an oil mill, in the Tuscan hills, to learn the various production processes of quality extra virgin olive oil


Hello dear explorers and food lovers,

last week I took you on a virtual tour of my friend Duccio and his family’s olive grove and in my last video I showed you how olives are harvested and where they are stored before being pressed.

In today’s video, however, I take you with me to an oil mill, surrounded by the wonderful Tuscan hills, to show you the various production processes of extra virgin olive oil.



Did you know that the faster the olives are pressed from the moment they are harvested, the more you will get a quality extra virgin olive oil? Also did you know that extra virgin olive oil is the only oil produced without the use of chemical solvents or other industrial interventions?

Precisely for this reason, as I explained in this article, it is a very healthy product as well as delicious!

During the autumn I often organize food and wine tours in the Chianti region and I like to include in my itinerary a visit to one of the many oil mills in the area and above all freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil tasting.



For at least a month after pressing, the oil keeps a very strong and almost spicy flavor and it is definitely the moment when I prefer it the most! Over time, the flavor softens and becomes a perfect condiment for all your dishes.

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Looking forward to meeting you again in person, I hope that my virtual tour can make you travel a bit with your imagination.


A virtual hug