Nature and history that coexist in the Tuscan countryside


Hello explorer friends, how have you been?

I am fortunate to live in a small town in the Chianti area, few km from Florence, completely surrounded by the Tuscan countryside so I didn’t need to walk that far to see this beauty.


campagna toscana


The Chianti area is located between Florence and Siena and in the past it was used for long time as  battlefield by these two cities which were contending it for its strategic position.

Today it is famous all over the world for its breathtaking landscapes and especially for the Chianti wine, so called because it comes from this area. A red wine, full-bodied and with a strong flavor, perfect match with the typical dishes of Tuscan culinary culture: Florentine steak, game meet, cured meet etc.

Not only the wine, but also the extra virgin olive oil is here considered the master since it’s one of the most valuable oils in our country.


campagna toscana


If you nose more deeply around the Chianti hills you will discover castles, medieval villages, Renaissance villas and other small treasures that make this land unique.

To know more about go have a look at the Tuscany tour and Wine Tasting and if you like it I will wait for you here, when it’s going to be possible, to let you discover some of these places, tell you about its legends and make you taste these delicacies.

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