La Ginestra farm is located in the heart of the Florentine Chianti and is managed by a group of young boys and girls, born and raised in contact with nature, who have made their passion become a profession and who are committed to keeping intact local traditions . It is an organic farm since their goal is to obtain genuine, natural and high quality products, always respecting the environment.

They own about 2 hectares of olive groves for the production of organic extra virgin olive oil; a bee farmwith 700 hives that are treated with love and attention as insects necessary for the defense of the environment and biodiversity as well as for honey production and also 50 hectares of land forcows and pigs breeding and for the cultivation of fine grains and legumes. Thanks to the collaboration with other local companies they sell very high quality pasta, flours and salami made out of their products.

Last but not least they are involved in the production of completely natural wines, which contain the true flavors and smells of our land and which are an authentic expression of a peaceful and fruitful relationship between man and nature.

La Ginestra Farm is a healthy, young and 100% Tuscan farm.