Hi Dear Explorers, how are you?

Today I have great news to tell you.

Italy is ready to start again!! Since yesterday people have gone back to work and we now have the opportunity to leave our homes also for personal reasons, without having to be confined in our place of residence and with the possibility to move around our entire Region. We can finally see our loved ones and meet close friends, always using the right precautions because unfortunately this battle has not been completely overcome yet.

But the even better news is that starting from June 3, Italy will fully open its borders not only to Italians who want to move from Region to Region but also to other countries of the European Union.


apertura del turismo italiano


It is a small step towards normalcy and the recovery of our lives and our economy which after more than 2 months of lockdown and after this big blow tries to start again.

Unfortunately for my category and for my job as a tour guide we still have to wait little longer to restart and I still don’t know when it’s going to be possible for me to see you again and guide you to discover the beauties of Tuscany, however this new beginning gives me hope. Finally I have the opportunity to leave my house and to discover new places and new activities that I want to share with you, even if only virtually.

I’d like to take you with me, to make you travel with your imagination as I always say but also to give you the opportunity to learn more about our traditions and see less touristy areas of Tuscany, which I’d like to show you in person when you have the chance to come back to visit me again.

So if you are interested in taking this trip together, stay with me and every week I will take you to a different place and tell you nice stories.

A virtual hug to everyone


apertura del turismo italiano