7 April 2021 9:41

Your house in Florence and Tuscany   If you come to Tuscany once or twice a year on holiday and this is not enough for you anymore and if you have fallen in love with the colors and smells of one of the most interesting and varied regions of Italy, in this section you will […]

30 March 2021 8:58

Discover Florence hidden gems: alternative guided tour and unique experiences   If you want to get to know another side of Florence, the less traditional and more unusual one, and if you like stories of secret loves, conspiracies and unsolved crimes, this is the perfect tour for you! An exciting itinerary to discover curious anecdotes, […]

29 March 2021 9:07

In this naturalistic itinerary, I will show you another side of the city, less touristy and away from the crowds, to admire breathtaking landscapes and enjoy nature with its colors and scents.

26 March 2021 13:07

In this tour, I will guide you through the historic center of Florence to let you discover its history and highlights while you sip a glass of wine and enjoy some local street food.

23 March 2021 10:29

We will visit the Fashion Museum in Pitti Palacce, we will discover small artisan shops where you can admire and buy unique objects made following ancient artisanal techniques.

12 March 2021 17:32

In addition to being the capital of art and culture, Florence is the official birth place of Italian Haute Couture, as we and the rest of the world know it today.

12 March 2021 12:55

Perfect tour for families and children, and to give yourself some leisure and fun while visiting Florence’s historic sites. Discover Leonardo da Vinci Interactive Museum and how to make authentic Italian gelato.