13 May 2021 22:41

Discover Florence and Pitti Palace treasures, private residence of three dynasties   Visit with me most famous historic sites and attractions and explore Pitti Palace Florence, the most prestigious building in the city and private residence of the three ruling families: Medici, Lorena and Savoy families. A tour throughout culture and nature, crossing the art-rich […]

12 March 2021 16:18

Among Florence’s most famous attractions, you definitely cannot miss the guided tour of the Uffizi with its incredible collection of Renaissance paintings and the Accademia Gallery.

12 March 2021 15:20

A guided tour to discover the most important religious places of Florence, among the symbols of religious power, Gothic and Renaissance architectural mastery, and Florence greatness.

12 March 2021 13:46

In this tour, we will retrace together the life of the undisputed genius of the Renaissance. Crossing areas of the city that are very dear to him, and visiting important museums that host his paintings and statues.

12 March 2021 10:35

This guided tour travels from the buildings that symbolize the Medici power to their private residences, which still house wonderful Renaissance paintings, frescoes and statues.