As tasty as it is, did you know that Tuscan bread is without salt?


Hello dear explorers, how are you?

This quarantine is helping me become a great cook and among the various dishes that I have cooked in the past few weeks weeks, could not miss homemade bread.



Such a simple food that is always present on our table and with which many typical Tuscan and Italian dishes are made: bruschetta, crostini with chicken livers (see my article on Curious Facts about Tuscan Culinary Tradition), bread with ham and cheese are just the first things that come to mind and that are often offered in the various tastings that can be done during my food and wine tours.

Among these, however, a name is missing: Fettunta. It is incredible how much a slice of roasted bread with extra virgin olive oil can be so tasty, especially with the “new oil”: that is when oil is just made and it has a very bright green color and a little spicy taste. Unlike wine, olive oil does not age well so as “new” it is as better it tastes.

During my food and wine tours in Florence and Tuscany I love to cut some time to accompany my guests around the Chianti mills so that they can see the olive groves, understand the various techniques of pressing the olives and taste the oil when it is just made.

But returning to us, this morning while I was kneading my bread I asked myself a question: I wonder if those who come from other parts of the world or even the Italians themselves who come from other regions know why Tuscan bread is without salt.


pane toscano insipido


For this reason I decided to make this short video where not only I show you the recipe to follow to make an excellent homemade bread but I will also reveal a secret on why salt is not used in the Florentine tradition.

Everyone says that the reason is that all the ingredients we put on bread are very salty so in order to balance the flavors bread has to be without salt. But wait to hear the legend I tell you in this video to make-up your mind.

I look forward to hearing your opinion and seeing photos of your beautiful homemade bread

A virtual hug