Trekking on the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and, as a reward, the discovery of typical Tuscan flavors and products


Good Morning Dear Explorers, how are you?

Today I want to tell you about my week end that was a little different from the usual and full of adventure: an hiking on Tuscan-Romagnol Apennines.

Here is a short video that summarizes the highlights of this weekend.



On the occasion of the Italian Republic Day on the 2nd of June, with a group of friends I headed to Crespino del Lamone, a small village of just 90 inhabitants about 50 km from Florence, nestled among the Tuscan-Romagnol Apennines.

Now you will ask yourself:  What did you do in such a small and remote place?

First of all Crespino and the neighboring villages are famous because every summer they organize festivals where you can taste typical tuscan dishes such as fried piadina, potato tortelli with wild boar ragout and also chestnuts. Some of these popular festivals have very ancient origins and all the regions of Italy continue to propose them as a moment of aggregation and sponsorship of their local food and wine products. I love them because although they are simple and sometimes a bit spartan they are really authentic and you can eat like at grandma’s house!!!!




But let’s not just talk about food, as I usually do. These areas of Tuscany are perfect especially for those who love nature and want to escape from the chaos and heat of Florence that in summer can be truly unbearable.

There are a lot of trekking routes that can be organized in the woods to reach hermitages and bivouacs and walks along the river to get to the waterfalls and cool off a bit that are suitable for children, young people and adults even beginners (I am an obvious example !!!) But there are also other trials that are a bit longer and more complex for the more experienced and daredevils.

All these naturalistic itineraries can be organized with extreme safety also for you if you like alternative and off the beaten track tours, always with the assistance of a local guide who will help you to elaborate the itinerary and a mountain guide, specialized precisely for this type of activities and that will accompany you throughout the journey.

We have chosen two very simple routes: one that allowed us to climb the top of the mountain to enjoy a wonderful view over the whole valley and the village of Crespino and the other which was a simple walk in the woods until we got to one splendid lodge where we had lunch with a nice plate of potato tortelli with meat sauce, typical of this area of ​​Tuscany, called Mugello.



Tuscany is truly a rich region because it allows you to organize any type of tour that best suits your needs and tastes: artistic itineraries, food and wine tours, shopping tours and, as in this case, also naturalistic tours by the sea or in the mountains.

As I always say, Tuscany offers everything for everyone.

What about you? Would you like to do a trekking trials as well? If I did it, I really believe everyone can do it!