The days of quarantine make me have a finger in a pie… literally! Let’s learn how fresh homemade pasta is made


Hello Dear Explorers, how are you?

The quarantine continues and we must arm ourselves with good will and patience so that time at home passes quickly and pleasantly, as far as possible.

What is the most common thing to do when you can’t go out and interact with others? Well … simple: cooking. And that’s exactly what I’m doing!!



During my food and wine tours in Florence and Tuscany I often include cooking lessons in nice locations of the city or countryside, such as a farm or a Renaissance villa or even a medieval castle (cooking class in Florence, 
cooking class in a Reinassance Villacooking class in florentine countryhouse, cooking class in a tuscan farmhouse)

Learning the techniques behind the creation of typical Tuscan dishes, as well as tasting them, is the best way to understand our culture and it is also fun, both for adults and for kids.

There are so many versions of cooking classes: pizza, traditional desserts, meat sauce, homemade pasta, etc. and you don’t know how many things I learned myself when I brought my guests having theirs.

That’s why I decided to show you in this video my home cooking class to make fresh pasta for a delicious Sunday lasagna. It will not be like being guided by a professional chef, but it is my way of keeping you company and showing you some little tricks that you can do yourselves in your homes.


If you like the idea of ​​learning some typical Tuscan recipes and you are not afraid of messing around with the flour, then this experience is perfect for you and I will be happy to include it in one of my food and wine tours.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

A virtual hug to everyone