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Cooking classes in Tuscany renaissance villas or medieval castles


3-4 hours



Destined for

Groups and families


English, Chinese, Italian

Italian and Tuscan cooking lessons in an exclusive location!


During my food and wine tour in Chianti we will go to the discovery of the most evocative places of Tuscany, among medieval villages, artisan shops and hidden churches but above all we will visit the cellars and rooms of an ancient castle or an exclusive Renaissance villa and then taste the best wines and foods of the area.

A journey into nature and excellent food and wine products of Tuscany, while I will tell you interesting stories and curious anecdotes about local culinary traditions.

Moreover, if you are looking for an even more unforgettable gastronomic experience, at the end of the guided tour you can also attend a cooking lesson in one of these exclusive locations in the Chianti area, to discover the typical flavors of local culinary tradition, learn some recipes for the making of tasty Italian dishes and then savor the fruits of your work.

The cooking classes in Tuscany generally take place in the kitchens of a historic residence, Renaissance villa or ancient medieval castle, surrounded by the colors and scents of Tuscan countryside and are held by an expert and professional chef.

The chef will introduce you to the world of Tuscan gastronomy by explaining some “rules” and techniques that lie behind the combination of different ingredients and the preparation of a meal and will guide you step by step in the making of 4 / 5 traditional recipes. You will only use super fresh ingredients from small local producers or even produced in their own vegetable garden and will be selected according to seasonality, so as to savor their authentic and natural taste.

During these cooking classes in Tuscany you will challenge yourself to prepare a typical full Italian meal consisting of few appetizers, the first course that usually includes fresh pasta with a sauce, the second course made of meat or vegetables with a side dish and the dessert.

This is a 100% personalized gastronomic experience and they will arrange it according to your tastes and desires. As a matter of fact, they provide different menu options so that you can pick the one you like the most and in case of any allergy or other food preferences you can choose among many delicious Italian vegetarian recipes.

After the cooking class you will be ready to enjoy the fruits of your work: you will sit at the table and taste the dishes you have cooked accompanied by excellent local wines and seasoned with delicious extra virgin olive oil, both produced right in the vineyards and olive groves owned by the Villa/Castle.

A special experience to share with your partner or friends, in an exclusive full of history and tradition location.


Why attend a cooking class in a Renaissance Villa or Medieval Castle?



  • Perfect for families and adults
  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • 100% customizable
  • You will try your hand at preparing a typical full Italian meal
  • You will visit the ancient historic kitchens of a Renaissance villa or medieval castle
  • You will taste typical Tuscan dishes that you made with the help of a professional chef

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