8 April 2022 19:51

Easter is approaching and in this article you will find interesting ideas and tips on how to organize your Easter holidays in Florence. Guided artistic tours, food and wine tours, naturalistic itineraries but also exhibitions and typical Florentine customs.

21 January 2022 18:22

Let’s discover together a historic Florentine artisan shop specialized in bookbinding and handmade paper decoration and let’s visit their laboratory in the heart of Florence. A Florence artisans tour, known all over the world for their unique and high quality products. Florence artisans tour, known all over the world for their unique and high quality products.

18 December 2021 12:32

Let’s discover together the magical world of Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy, the oldest pharmacy in Europe. Perfumes, creams, oils, liqueurs and many other products still made following the ancient techniques of the Dominican friars in a unique and suggestive location.

12 November 2021 23:58

Let’s discover the Val d’Orcia: a guided tour in Tuscany dedicated to breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and wines and enchanting small town. Among the the many places you can visit in this region you cannot miss a day trip to Pienza, famous for being considered the perfect city of the Renaissance but also, and not least, for its delicious pecorino.

29 October 2021 12:46

Did you know that Halloween was first born in Europe and then exported to the United States? That the custom of carving pumpkins actually has Florentine origins? And that Florence is still haunted by ghosts? Discover here curious anecdotes and scary Florentine legends related to Halloween in Florence or participate in a fun guided tour of unusual Florence.

8 October 2021 21:45

When it comes to Italy and especially Tuscany, you immediately think about a delicious charcuterie with prosciutto, salami and delicious cheeses accompanied by honey and mustards and a glass of local wine.
Among the most popular Italian cheeses there is certainly Tuscan Pecorino, a delicious sheep’s cheese that can be enjoyed fresh or aged. Find out in this article all the secrets on how Pecorino cheese is born and made.

27 August 2021 9:39

There are so many things to do in Tuscany and among all you can’t miss a visit to the medieval town of Anghiari. It was the scene of an important battle between Florence and Milan, also represented in a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, and today it shows itself as a precious medieval jewel, perfect for a day trip from Florence and for those looking for Tuscany off the beaten paths.

16 July 2021 11:49

If you want to spend your holidays in Tuscany or if you are looking for a day trip from Florence in the name of nature and good food, I will take you with me to visit a splendid organic farm in Chianti. You can participate in a guided tour of the farm, discover the techniques of Chianti wine production, taste typical local products and / or enjoy a few days of relaxation in a comfortable apartment surrounded by the green Tuscan hills and with a panoramic swimming pool.

16 June 2021 10:49

On this day trip close to Florence, we will discover together one of Tuscany hidden gems: Colle Val d’Elsa. It is considered one of the best medieval towns in Tuscany, famous for its house-towers, medieval atmosphere and crystal-producing craftsmen, who have helped it earn the name of Bohemia of Italy.

27 May 2021 11:08

A guided tour through the streets of a charming Tuscany medieval town, Certaldo, perfect choice for a day trip close to Florence, where time seems to have stopped to the Middle Ages and where you can breathe a magical and full of tradition atmosphere. Discover with me its history, customs and typical foods, including the famous Certaldo onion gelato!

25 March 2021 11:10

Trekking on the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and, as a reward, the discovery of typical Tuscan flavors and products   Good Morning Dear Explorers, how are you? Today I want to tell you about my week end that was a little different from the usual and full of adventure: an hiking on Tuscan-Romagnol Apennines. Here is a […]