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Art classes in Florence: one day in an artist’s workshop


2 hours



Destined for

Groups and families


English, Chinese, Italian

Arm yourself with brushes and colors and learn the techniques of Florentine art!


If you are an art lover, in Italy you are definitely spoiled for choice but after visiting so many museums, admiring the best of Florence art and experiencing one of my cultural activities ,why not create a work of art yourself?

In a Florentine art studio, thanks to the guidance of an expert artist, you can immerse yourself in the world of Florence art, discover some ancient painting, drawing or mosaic techniques and challenge yourself in a painting course.

In these art classes in Florence, you can decide whether to participate to an outdoor painting course or a practical lesson in a Florentine art studio and you can choose which artistic technique you would like to learn: fresco, mosaic, drawing and much more.

Under the guidance of an expert master, you will take a journey through the techniques and tools of medieval or Renaissance art, you will discover the world that hides behind the various pigments and you will try to reproduce on canvas everything you have learned.

These art classes in Florence are totally customizable and adaptable to everyone’s needs including children: if you want I can give you some advices on which is the most suitable artistic technique according to your interests and desires and those of your kids.

It is truly a pleasant and fun experience for both beginners and those who already know the basics of painting and are interested in discovering new techniques and materials to find new sources of inspiration and perfect their style.

Whether you are a child, a beginner or an expert, the only requirement to participate is to give the green light to your creativity and imagination without setting limits!


Why participate to painting courses in Florence?



  • Perfect for families and kids
  • 100% customizable
  • Discover ancient painting-drawing and mosaic techniques
  • Choose the art technique you like and partecipate in an art lesson led by an expert artis

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