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Learn how to make marbled paper in Florence


2 hours



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Groups and families


English, Chinese, Italian

Discover the ancient Florentine paper decoration techniques and get arty-crafty!


On this tour in Florence for families we will visit the city historic center to discover its main squares and buildings but above all to learn about the history of the artists and craftsmen who have made Florence great and magnificent all over the world.

As a matter of factt, since Middle Ages Florence was already famous for its high-quality artisans: weavers, goldsmiths, potters, apothecaries, wool and silk makers etc… Among these there were also paper manufacturers, specialized in paper binding and decoration.

I will guide you through the streets of Florence craftsmanship, I will tell you curious anecdotes about this ancient craft and I will show you some artisan shops that have been involved in this activity for decades and that have handed down its techniques and traditions untill today.

We will also visit together an historic artisan bookbinder in Florence famous for a particular type of paper decoration, marbled paper processing, already used during Renaissance time, that with its motifs reproducing the splashes of color reminds of a marble surface. Here you will meet the artisans who have run this workshop for generations and after some storytelling about their family history and business you will attend a demonstration on how to bind a book following ancient traditional bookbinding techniques and on how to decorate paper.

Moreover if you are looking for an alternative experience to do in Florence that can also engage your children, after the guided tour with me and the workshop visit, you can stay in the shop and participate in their class to learn how to make marbled paper.

First you will observe the artisans at work and then you will experience firsthand what you have learned by making a handmade marbled paper yourself; at the end of this laboratory you can take home with you the result of your work as a souvenir and memory of your day as an artisan.

This is a very fun and original workshop that will allow you and your family to discover more about Tuscan craftsmanship; a perfect activity also for children as you don’t need experience but just the desire of trying something new and getting your hands dirty!


Why to learn how to make marbled paper in Florence?



  • Perfect for families and children
  • 100% customizable
  • Discover an old paper decoration technique and put into practice what you have learned during the workshop
  • Great experience to engage children
  • Take home with you a sheet you decorated using paper marbling technique

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