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Guided tour of Florence gardens: Torrigiani Gardens


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Torrigiani Gardens in Florence: an hidden gem within the city walls


In Florence there is one of the largest private gardens in Europe, hidden within the city walls and open only by reservation and on special occasions: the Torrigiani Gardens.

It’s one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Italy thanks to the presence of numerous greenhouses, lemon houses and tepidariums that welcome many varieties of ancient trees and plants, coming from all over the world.

It still belongs to a historic Florentine family, the Torrigiani, who have their home here; as a matter of fact, it’s going to be one of the family members to guide you through the garden with me, show you the numerous works of art that are hidden behind the trees and tell you interesting anecdotes that no one else could ever know.


One of the most beautiful Florence gardens


The Torrigiani Garden is a splendid nineteenth-century-style private park of almost 7 hectares and is one of the largest urban European gardens, as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is in perfect condition and is owned by an important and historic Florentine family, the Torrigiani, who have their private residence here; it is therefore open to visitors only during special occasions or by reservation.

At the entrance of these Florence gardens, after a first introduction to the garden with me, we will continue the guided tour with one of the family members who will guide us on this special journey through nature and art and show us the garden secrets spots that are usually closed to public. During the visit you can stroll through the paths and the wide lawns of the Garden, admire antique sculptures full of symbolic meanings and discover the history of its construction.

The park is also a very famous botanical garden as it houses rare and centuries-old trees, such as sequoia, cedar of Lebanon and ancient oaks and hosts greenhouses, lemon houses and tepidariums with a huge variety of plants and flowers.

Moreover, inside the Garden there is “Serre Torrigiani”, a splendid outdoor area where artistic and cultural courses, exclusive events and delicious aperitifs are organized.

It is incredible to think that one of the most beautiful gardens of Florence is hidden inside the city walls, less known to the public, where you can get away from the chaos of the historic center and immerse yourself in a somewhat fairy-tale and mysterious dimension.

A truly exclusive and special experience, perfect if you love nature and want to discover Florence off the beaten paths.



  • Perfect for families and adults
  • Stroll around a private botanical garden within the city walls
  • Admire rare plants and flowers and discover beautiful ancient sculptures full of symbolic meanings
  • You will be welcomed by one of the Torrigiani family members who will tell you secret stories and anecdotes about the garden and his family
  • Possibility to end the tour with an aperitif in the greenhouse

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