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Italian perfumes experience in a perfumer’s workshop in Florence


2 hours



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Groups and couples


English, Chinese, Italian

Perfumes experience in Florence: a journey back in time into the world of italian perfumes


The perfumes experience consists in a guided tour of the most evocative perfume shops in the historic center of Florence, to know more about the history of Florentine craftsmanship and perfumes.

After telling you about the birth and evolution of perfume and also some curious anecdotes and fun facts, I will guide you into the intoxicating world of niche fragrances with this guided tour through Florence historic artisan shops. Here you will not only discover everything there is to know about Italian craftsmanship and the art of perfumery, but you will also live a multi-sensorial experience and smell rare and precious essences coming from far places and times.


The history of perfume in Florence: a journey back in time into the world of perfumes

In the first part of this perfumes experience we will focus on its origins and the impact it has always had in our lives and in our societies.

History tells us that it was France that invented perfume, but things did not go quite like this. Catherine de ‘Medici married Henry II of France and it was her who introduced the French to Italian perfumes. Chubby and a bit ugly, Caterina was certainly not the best example to represent Italian beauty in the world, but she had something that aroused interest and curiosity in the French and that prompted them to stay close to her as much as possible: a very good smell!


The olfactory tasting by the master perfumer of Florence

At the end of the guided tour with me among the best artisan shops of the city and after telling you about the origins of perfume, we will visit together a fascinating artistic perfumery in the historic center of Florence, where we will retrace the most important stages of Florence perfumery and discover the mysterious and powerful world of fragrances.

Here, if you want, you can continue your journey into perfumes with a truly unique multi-sensory experience. An expert perfumer will guide you through its laboratory and will tell you about the different perfume manufacturing techniques, showing you the raw materials, telling you about their origins and doing a demonstration of how to use them. You will start from the analysis and olfactory taste of the difference fragrances, then you’ll learn how to combine and dilute them in alcohol and finally see the final stage of the bottling process.

The perfumer will help you train your nose to recognize the various essences that make up a perfume and will also teach you some tricks to better distinguish them. Thanks to this olfactory tasting you will better understand this ancient craft and you will know why perfume has always exerted such a strong power over us.

After the workshop visit and the perfume “tasting”, if you wish you can stay in the shop as long as you like to admire all the products it offers; not only you can buy perfumes but also home fragrances, scented candles, body oils and creams, cosmetics and much more.

This experience is perfect if you are not looking for famous perfumes brands, but you are more interested in discovering an Italian niche perfume and in understanding how it’s made.


Why living a perfume experience in Florence?



  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • 100% customizable
  • A journey through the history of Florentine perfumery and its processing techniques
  • Olfactory tasting of some rare fragrances from different countries of the world

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