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Guided tour of Fondazione Lisio, a journey into Florence handcrafted weaving


2 hours



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Groups and families


English, Chinese, Italian

Lisio Foundation in Florence: the place where the weaving of silk takes place like 100 years ago


This experience consists in a guided tour of Florence focusing on luxury craftsmanship. We will walk through the streets of the historic center famous for their typical small shops  and we will visit characteristic artisan workshops, while I will tell you about the origins and evolution of Florentine fashion.

The guided tour will continue to the “Fondazione Lisio” in Florence, which has been involved in the making of fine fabrics since 1906 and still uses hand weave and historical textiles designs for modern production. A journey through the evolutions of handcrafted weaving and the influence it has had on Florentines style and taste.

“Fondazione Lisio” was born with the aim of keeping handcrafted weaving techniques intact, continuing to use the same Jacquard looms that date back about 100 years ago. Furthermore, it’s not only dealing with the weaving of silk, velvet and fine brocades but also with teaching the techniques and secrets of hand wave to modern generations.

On this guided tour you will be able to better understand the work behind these high quality fabrics, admire a splendid 19th century manual loom still in operation and discover the origins of Giuseppe Lisio’s family who carried on this business for decades. Last but not least you will be shown some historical textiles of the Fondazione Lisio collections preserved in the Historical Archive to discover popular fashion trends and designs from Middle Age up to early twentieth century.

This fashion experience will end in the showroom where if you want you buy one or more textiles produced by the Lisio foundation and take home with you a unique and inimitable piece, representative of Florentine luxury craftsmanship.

Useful infos about Fondazione Lisio:
If you want to participate in person to a hand wave lesson, Lisio Foundation organizes many types of textile workshops (basic level, also for children; intermediate level; advanced level). Contact me privately to have more info.



  • Perfect for children with families
  • With official tour guide
  • 100% customizable
  • Admire splendid hand looms
  • Possibility to order one or more handcrafted fabrics
  • Discover ancient techniques of precious fabrics making
  • Possibility to partecipate to artisan workshops and learn how to work with fabrics

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