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Gelato Making in Florence


2 hours



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Groups and families


English, Chinese, Italian

Learn the techniques to make the best artisan gelato in Italy!


If you want to visit Florence with kids and you are also looking for an easy and fun experience in Florence perfect for families to include at the end of a guided tour, a “gelato making class” to learn how to make gelato could be the one for you!

Florence is not only the land of great artists and important families, but it is also the place where one of the most famous desserts in the world was born: gelato!

Legend tells us that, despite already in ancient times other people had found a way to make ice and combine it with various ingredients to taste it as a sweet drink or food, it was in Florence that gelato became popular the way we know it today.

So, what better place than Florence to learn how to make gelato?!

With a gelato making lesson in an artisan gelato parlor in the historic center of Florence, an expert gelato maker will tell you everything you need to know about this delicious dessert and show you the various techniques and processes of making artisan gelato. After having acquired the most important information, equipped with a Chef’s hat and apron, you will challenge yourself at making an authentic Italian gelato and then taste what you have made with your own hands!

An easy and fun experience perfect for families with children and to treat yourself to a moment of leisure and “sweetness”.


Why book a guided tour of Florence with kids and learn how to make gelato?



  • Perfect for families and children
  • Visit an old Florentine artisan gelato shop and its laboratory
  • Learn how to make authentic Italian artisan gelato guided by an expert gelato maker
  • Taste what you have made with your hands

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