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Visit an olive oil mill and enjoy olive oil tasting in Tuscany


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Tuscan extra virgin olive oil: the king of Italian cuisine!


If you are looking for an olive oil tasting in Tuscany and If you are visiting Chianti in November you may be lucky enough to be here during the olives harvest and pressing period. This is the moment in which the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil tastes better because the fresher it is the stronger its flavors and smell are!

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential element in Italian cuisine: thanks to its delicious taste and thousands of beneficial properties it is considered “edible gold”! Tuscany is one of the main Italian regions involved in the production of extra virgin olive oil and its product is truly appreciated all over the world.

Our experience in Chianti will begin with a guided tour of the most characteristic Tuscan villages, splendid medieval towns where it is still possible to admire the defensive walls, historic buildings and ancient churches. In addition to their historical and architectural importance, these small towns are also generally famous for the production of high quality wine and olive oil and are in fact entirely surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

During the guided tour we will focus on the history, origins and characteristics of these typical Tuscan products and I will also tell you curious and interesting anecdotes on our local gastronomic habits.

Moreover if you want I can take you to visit a Tuscany olive mill immersed in the splendid Chianti hills to discover how Tuscan extra virgin olive oil (also called with the acronym “EVO”) is made and the secrets to obtain a tasty product. You will learn about traditional production techniques and how to recognize a high-quality Tuscan olive oil from a commercial one and at the end of the visit you will taste some freshly pressed organic extra virgin olive oil.

If you are here during November you can even witness the olives harvest in the fields and their squeezing.

A really interesting and tasty experience, suitable for everyone, especially for good food lovers!

To find out more, take a look at my blog where I will tell you and show you how to obtain a high quality Tuscan olive oil.


Why visit an olive oil mill and enjoy an olive oil tasting in Tuscany?



  • Perfect for families and adults
  • With official tourist guide of Florence
  • 100% customizable
  • Guided tour of an oil mill in Tuscany surrounded by the beautiful Chianti hills
  • You will learn the traditional techniques of extra virgin olive oil production
  • In November possibility to attend the harvesting and pressing of the olives

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