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Guided tour of Medici Chapels in Florence


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The Medici Chapels in Florence: Discover the Medici family tombs made by Michelangelo


The Medici Chapels in Florence are a profusion of wealth and power thanks to the precious inlaid decorations, called Commesso Fiorentino, in the Cappella dei Principi and the marvelous Michelangelo’s new sacristy, made following the rules of Renaissance architecture and enriched with beautiful sculptures. An enchanted place full of allegories and hidden symbols where Michelangelo, through Medici tomb and many statues he made, tried to let the achievements and history of the family survive even beyond death.

Medici chapels consist of three main areas: the crypt, Michelangelo’s New Sacristy and the Chapels of Princes (Cappella dei Principi) and are the largest mausoleum of the Medici family.

Giovanni di Bicci, one of the first members of the family, had already expressed his desire to be buried with his wife in the Old Sacristy of the adjacent Basilica of San Lorenzo, but the real project for a family tomb was born only in the 16th century with the construction of Michelangelo’s New Sacresty and later with the Cappella dei Principi, one of the few examples of Baroque art in Florence.

On this guided tour you will discover Michelangelo’s talent both as an architect and as a sculptor, thanks to the incredible statues made to decorate Medici tombs, full of hidden meanings and symbols. You will also admire precious polychrome marbles and stones inlays that decorate Cappella dei Principi, made using a very refined and precious technique similar to mosaic, called Commesso Fiorentino.

The aim of Cappella dei Medici was to create a space that could fully reflect the power and wealth of the Medici and that would give them a burial place worthy of their name; as soon as you enter, it will take a second to perceive the grandeur of the family that changed the history of Florence and of the entire Italy.

Also take a look at the House of Medici tour, if you are interested in visiting other important buildings as well as private residences of the family, which still house wonderful Renaissance paintings, frescoes and statues, evidence of their strong sensitivity to culture and art.


Why visiting the Medici Chapels in Forence with a local tour guide?



  • Perfect experience for families and adults
  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • You will learn more about the Medici family and their rise to power
  • You will admire Michelangelo's sculptures and precious decorations
  • You will discover hidden symbologies and meanings of important Renaissance statues

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